Symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Childhood ADD is shown by inattention, irritability, inability to focus, and impulsivity; the same symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Adults with ADD most likely had it as children but it went undiagnosed for some reason. It can be as problematic in relationships, family life, and the work environment.

Diagnosis of ADD in adults is done in a similar manner as for children. The adult is tested for the ability to follow directions, complete tasks, sustain their attention especially at meetings at work or connecting to their families. They will most likely have a complete physical that includes tests to show how their brains function, to search for disability.

The adult will likely be interviewed with some questions regarding their school experience when they were young and how they felt about it. Their grades will be talked about as well. A lot can be deduced from these interviews.

A family member such as a spouse would be interviewed for an adult as opposed to parents. They can tell the examiner what the adult subject is like at home. There be some discussion with a supervisor.

An adults treatment would also be similar. Medication might be recommended, counseling (behavior therapy) might be suggested, and a healthy life style is urged. Stimulants are given to adults as well and have some of the same side effects (sleeplessness, irritability, loss of an appetite, or depression). The adult liver can be affected as well.

Stimulants are no less addictive for adults than they are for children. If taken for a long time the adult is more likely to have substance abuse issues or suffer with depression. Adults who want to avoid the stimulant side effects can look for natural remedies that would meet their needs.

Nutritional supplements consisting of herbs, botanical extracts, as well as vitamins and minerals, treats ADD symptoms well and they are safe. A healthy diet and physical exercise will also help the adult to slow down and focus. Relaxation and meditation also will help an adult to focus better.

Symptoms of adult Attention Deficit Disorder while being similar to those of children, may not be as recognizable. The testing and diagnosis process is very similar as well. Adults with ADD most likely have had it since they were children. It can be successfully managed with natural supplements and a healthy lifestyle.

If as an adult you are diagnosed ADD you should know that you are not alone. You weren’t lazy in school, your ability to focus may have kept you from doing your best. Most importantly, and this is for children as well, it is not your fault.

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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Medications – The Facts

The problem with adult attention deficit disorder medications is that they are not the definitive solution to ADHD. They have to be taken in conjunction with behaviour therapy and or life coaching which will really help the adult in time management and coping with day to day tasks.

The main medications recommended for adults now are :-Adderall XR, Concerta, Vyvanse, Strattera. These are all basically amphetamines and there is a very clear warning on all the drug packets that they have the potential for abuse and addiction. You just have to think of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to realise what they can do to people. ADHD natural remedies do NOT have this problem but they do not have the Big Pharm to promote them.

When you read the ADHD blogs, you find heartbreaking stories about college students who probably have ADHD but are afraid or embarrassed to seek help simply because they will be seen as drug seekers! These drugs are a very hot product on university campuses at the moment. I know some students who are convinced they have ADHD and are considering getting the adult attention deficit disorder medications illegally with all the risks that could involve. These are genuine cases but then there are many students who use the drugs illicitly just to help them get through exams. They hardly know what ADHD is and have never had to take adult attention deficit disorder medications in their lives

I know there is a school in Indiana which has 3,000 students and one of the students there has said that probably up to 60% of the kids there are dealing in Adderall and other ADHD meds. Did you know that you can pay up to $15 for just two Adderall pills? Medications for attention deficit is turning out to be a profitable niche for many students. The situation on the university campuses is no different.

Before taking any adult attention deficit disorder medications the patient and indeed the parent of any child in the same position, has to consider the medical implications carefully. Basically these medications can be dangerous for patients with certain medical conditions such as heart and blood pressure problems. ECGs are standard practice now before medication is started. There has to be careful monitoring during treatment to make sure that there are no adverse side effects.

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The Results of Symptoms Of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

“He can’t hold a job for more than a month.”,” She’s always late.”,” He’s working on his third divorce.”,” She has serious depression and is constantly talking about suicide.”,” We just can’t understand them.”, are among many statements from family members of those inflicted with Adult Attention Deficit Disorders. These are definitely related to the symptoms.

Recent Discoveries about Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

In the past it was thought that ADD symptoms were in children and they grew out of it during puberty. Quite contrary, today there’s more medical proof than ever that Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms often continue long into adult life. Without proper diagnosis and treatment the effects can be quite frustrating for them.

Each adult Attention Deficit Disorder symptom is often much easier to see. One thing to consider while the symptoms are often disruptive in various aspects of their lives, they aren’t intentional. What’s further, once diagnosed and under treatment, there is a lot of hope for improvement.

However undiagnosed and untreated treated Adult Attention Deficit Disorder can lead to many emotional and even physical problems. High occurrences of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are often found among those untreated. This even brings higher suicide rates among them as well. Often as a result of feelings of failure, results of how society deals with them and many other social issues in their life.

More on Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms

Often those showing adult attention deficit disorder symptoms can be the most frustrating, irritating, and annoying people. Their attention span is short and often they appear to not even be paying attention. They may be daydreaming and unable to focus on the task at hand. This shows at home and on the job. Other attention deficit disorder symptoms you will undoubtedly see are restlessness, hyperactivity, frequent boredom, and people avoid them. You will also notice that they often dwell on a number of trivial matters, and can’t understand why others avoid them. They are often extremely lonely as a result.

Adults living with the symptoms of attention deficit disorder usually go through a tough life. Each Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Symptom seems to control their personal and business life. Though to them they mainly see what everyone else does in response. Many find themselves driven to alcohol and other drugs as a way out. Instead of solving their problems, this symptom simply adds to them.

Diagnosing those with adult attention deficit disorder symptoms will usually require a complete life history. In 100% of the cases diagnosed, they find the adult had symptoms of attention deficit disorder as children. This is a lifelong disorder, rather than something that comes up later in life. Usually attention deficit disorder symptoms show by the age of seven. Simply put those with adult attention deficit disorder were simply undiagnosed and treated as children.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, the adult attention deficit disorder symptom will go into remission. With that odds are they will do a lot better in society on the job, in relationships, and elsewhere. These are important for everyone.

With this, often family and others will understand the behavior better as it improves. They need to realize this isn’t intentional; rather those with attention deficit disorder have a legitimate brain malfunction, and under treatment things improve

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